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Hi Folks! Just a little update on Pedro’s Adventure: The Sacrificial Link for your faces!

The good news is that the development of Pedro’s Adventure is going pretty darn well! The game has come on leaps and bounds from the version put out in July. You can see the game in action below, in the latest development diary:

Next up is to try it for yourself!

The link below holds the latest unity web version that is hosted on our game jolt page. Give it a try (it’s free and will work in your browser) and let me know what you think!

Click to play!

For the most recent updates keep an eye on the Facebook page!

At the moment it is looking like a November release for mobile platforms (android and iOS).

Til next time!

Hi Folks!

The time has come to finally announce my new project, Pedro’s Adventure: The Sacrificial Link.

Pedro’s Adventure is a turn-based adventure game for mobile platforms. It definitely has a 16 bit nostalgic feel to it thanks to the sprites from oryx design labs 16 bit fantasy sprite set. And I hope it it is pretty clear what games I am drawing inspiration from! The plan is to release the game in October 2014 for iOS and Android for the grand, old price of free. As I am using Unity, I am trying to develop a working web version along with the mobile game.

So on to the fun stuff!

Check out the development diary:

Once you’re done with that you can have a go playing the game yourself with the unity web player version!

It is hosted on my google drive, so follow the link below.

And after all that, you still are wanting more? OK then like Pedro on Facebook!

I’ll be documenting my new project, so if you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes you can check it out here!

Feel free to make some suggestions for the game.

GGG’s first release, Neon Peon, is out now on iOS!

Grab it from here: 


Let us know over at @GGiantGames what you think!